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Tailored to your needs

The core of BugDust is to offer a variety of products with progressive grades of dryness that will enhance your climbing performance by absorbing humidity off your hands. Every athlete sweats to a different degree while climbing. Being climbers ourselves, we the founders of BugDust, decided to bring a new kind of chalk to the market. With three different dryness levels, we make sure that every kind of climber can have an optimal experience while using our product. Every bag is filled with high-quality, pharmaceutical-grade magnesia also adding a secret ingredient to increase the humidity-absortion capabilities. Athletes now have the opportunity to choose between three different types of BugDust Chalk to find their perfect match. This way we help you to optimize your climbing performance, ensuring you reach the top.

Skin Care

Ecologically responsible

A climber is always in contact with nature. To honor our objective to preserve Mother Nature with eco-friendly products, BugDust presents a climbing chalk packaged in biodegradable bags. This reduces the impact every bag has on our planet. While using our chalk you can now feel more connected to nature and confident that you are doing your part to protect and preserve. After the chalk has been used up, the bag can be simply recycled or reused in a multitude of ways. In our blog we will show how the bag can be re-purposed in daily life.

The chemist of the family wanted to make sure that every athlete only receives high quality products. With his background we have found a chemical compound that not only enhances the absorption and dryness of the chalk, but also protects your skin with bactericidal properties. BugDust mixes a formulated secret ingredient with a high-quality magnesia to develop a unique and extraordinary climbing experience. This additive has astringent and germicidal properties, which support skin regeneration and keep your skin soft and protected.